"Foam Waters" Series

Artworks exhibited @ Morgenrot Gallery, Berlin (DE), "Foam Waters" - Solo underwater photography (2016)

“The photographic work of Carolina Lopes demonstrates a very peculiar sensibility, both in the intensity of the theme as well as by its formal nature and color. These underwater Photography Series, „Foam Waters“ show a „surreal“ ambiance, strange, bizarre, allusive to the oneiric world or a subconscious that insists on coming to the mind. The sequence takes us back to the origins, to a birth in sequence until a successive release culminating in the rebirth somewhat energetic and erotic. In chromatic terms, Carolina Lopes´ photography has great wealth and sensibility, the way it passes from the cold tones to the warm ones. The color gives intimacy to the scenes, demonstrating that the artist has a great mastery of color and the light / shade contrasts. The composition is also quite interesting. In some photographs there are light spots and speckles that have a prominent role in the composition, in a quite harmonious way. In others, the human body appears in its fullness and energy. In the final sequence we see the human body as if it were a dark silhouette on a blue background. Here too, the composition is thought to detail, accentuating a dramatic trend as much as a quite emotional one. In summary, Carolina´s Artworks are very subtle and sensitive, with particular focus on the question of the unconscious, which also has a very strong vital presence.” (Patrícia Mendonça, Painter)