"Spuren" Series

Artworks exhibited @ art.endart Gallery, Berlin (DE), "Spuren" Solo Photocopy Exhibition (2016)
This series of artworks presents the theme of tracks or reminiscence of what it was, what disappeared or belongs to the past. Traces of an internal tension of the recall, the fragile field that exists between the graspable reality and the new contemplation of dream landscapes. The use of repetition of visual elements has to do with the exercise of the recall, so times and places are not forgotten or erased through the script of an inner journey. The use of photocopies is associated with the idea of "déjà-vu
", the repetition of moments, places, objects... And as in dreams, the objects assume figurative shapes, in an exercise of pareidolia. The body flows in the dream of an apparent silence. In search of the tracks of "the self", does the body sleep or is it awake? The portrait of a person who dreams oscillates between asleep and awaken, and in this state of transition or trance, the dream elements, these traces, mix with the body. They are the body's own memory.