Portuguese Graphic Designer, Fine-Artist

currently living and working in Berlin


Portuguese Native

English Fluent

German Fluent

Spanish Conversational


2018 Solo analogue photography exhibition "(RE)BURN", Featherstone Castle (UK)

2017 Collective fine arts exhibition "Treasures Collection II 2016", Projekt art.endart, Berlin (DE)



2016 Solo photocopy and photography exhibition "Spuren", art.endart Gallery, Berlin (DE)
2016 Solo underwater photography exhibition "Foam Waters", Morgenrot Gallery, Berlin (DE)
2016 Collective fine arts exhibition "2016 Collective exhibition of contemporary art", Galeria Zero, Barcelona (ES)
2015 Collective fine arts exhibition "2016 is Calling", Galeria Zero, Barcelona (ES)
2015 Collective fine arts exhibition "What I Might Have Said", White Cloth Gallery, Leeds (EN)
2011 Collective fine arts exhibition, Paradigma Art Gallery, Covilhã (PT)
2007 Collective photography exhibition "Gliwicki Miesian Fotografie 2007", Gliwice Museum, Gliwice (PL)
2006 Solo photography online exhibition, The F Blog
2005 Collective painting exhibition, Feira de Escolas, Covilhã (PT)


Selected Painting Work on Online Art Magazine "GZ-Art-Magazine",
Selected Photography Work on Book "Paradigmas" by Artur Aleixo, Paradigma Art Gallery